Bomane Babe

big announcement

I am so thrilled to announce to you to my new home BOMANE in Beverly Hills. Bomane is a luxurious and spacious salon developed for privacy and relaxation and the customer service is exquisite. Bomane salon is perfect combination of hidden luxury and relaxed California cool. Exposed brick walls are peppered with funky art, retro neon signs and elegant chrome fixtures. The design is perfect combination of classic elegance and contemporary simplicity. The salon is equipped with gorgeous private rooms, cozy waiting areas. Customer service caters to the customers needs. The extremely private environment is essential for anyone and everyone. It truly is the next "big-step" in my career. I'm so grateful + thankful.

Please contact the salon directly to book your appointment VIA email at BOMANE@BOMANE.COM or by phone at (424) 777-0638.