Bang, Bang.

Bangs are a risky beauty move, that everyone loves and is a nerve racking decision to make. I adore bangs, and honestly believe that every person could have 'em. Bangs change your hairstyle from sweet babydoll bangs to edgy razor cut vibes. It's up to your stylist to figure what face shape you have, and what bang would look best. Below, there is a diagram of the different face shapes and examples - Oval shape, Long shape, Diamond Shape, Heart shape, Square shape, Triangle shape, Rectangular shape, and Round shape.
Once you've figured out what face shape you are, decide what bang style you are. 
There different shapes, combinations and variations of bangs, like the Side-Swept, Curtain, Textured and Bold-Blunt bangs. 

  • Long- Elongated from forehead and gracefully tapers toward chin, though some have a prominent chin. Longer than it is wide. {Bold-Blunt bangs with or without texture}
  • Rectangular- Forehead, cheekbones and jawline almost the same width. However, face length is longer than it is wide. {Curtain bangs or Bold-Blunt bangs with or without texture}
  • Round- Softly rounded foreheads and chins with widest at the cheeks. Face width and length almost the same. {Side-Swept bangs with or without texture}
  • Square- Strong and broad forehead with a wide angular jaw and a bony chin is their prominent feature. {Side-Swept bangs or Curtain bangs with texture}
  • Heart- Forehead is a prominent feature and a strong jawline that tapers toward a narrow chin which tends to be pointy. {Curtain or Side-Swept bangs with or without texture}
  • Diamond- Highly angular and somewhat bony with the widest point at the temples. A uncommon face shape. {Curtain or Side-Swept bangs with or without texture}
  • Triangular- Forehead, cheeks and eye area tends to be narrower than the jaw. {Bold-Blunt bangs with or without texture}
  • Oval- Wider forehead, prominent cheekbones, and the face gracefully tapers toward chin. Symmetrical and is considered the an "Ideal" face shape also known as the perfect shape! Any bang style is suited for this face shape.