Change Is Good

Constantly, I have clients send me Hair + Beauty photos. Whether is Hairspiration {Yes, thats a word} or sweet little quotes. This one in particular stood out to me, 

A woman who cuts her HAIR, is about to change her LIFE.
— Coco Chanel

This rings so true, to so many women! I mean, after a break up who hasn't done something drastic to their hair!? Or maybe after a little bambino or maybe you just need a fresh start. 
It is so awesome, when women feel empowered to change their look. It could be as simple as a blunt bang, or as crazy as shaving your head. Whatever makes you, feel you. If you have the kahunas to just try it, more power to you! It's awesome to experiment and try new things. Best part, it grows back! Below are some of my favorite celebrity Before + After color and chops.