Let's Talk Braids

Inspired by Moroccan Oil + upcoming, modern styles.

Earlier this week, I had an opportunity to take a Moroccan Oil class with my best friend. I was thrilled Robert Ham was the artist who taught the class, such an talented + hilarious stylist! I've taken a class before with him, and the brand and learned so much! And of course, this class was no different. The theme was "Runway Around The World" giving us tips + tricks after working on NYFW. The biggest trend right now is Braiding.  Braids have been around for centuries. And as time has gone on, more versions of interlocking hair have appeared. From three strands, to now FIVE strands are common a strand number. Below, I want to show ya'll the original + simple braids to the complex + innovative. {Fishtail, inverted french, infinity, rope, dutch, single + more!} Enjoy xo!

Photos above are not mine, just for inspiration.