Ombré vs Balayage

I get the same questions like, "Whats a BA-LEE-YAA-JJ-UH?" "Can I have the bottom super blonde?" "What is an Ombré?" and my new favorite, "What's a Sombré?" I love when clients ask questions! If I'm not here to answer and help educate you, who is!? And sometimes I have the same question about hair. So let's dissect the difference between the two and some others:

The Ombré: is a technique where the darkest point of the hair is the roots, which gradually get lighter to the ends of the hair. There are different variations of this concept but most are bold and striking.

The Balayage: was formed from the French word "Balai" which means "to sweep." It is a freehand style to hand paint "natural looking" highlights. There are different tools that could be used, like teasing the hair, cotton, saran wrap, and foils. {Personally, I like to use teasing with cotton and saran wrap, it’s a lot going on but results are flawless.} 
And its also my favorite ;)

The Sombré: is a term created also known as the soft ombré. The ombré is known for its daring pop of color. And the sombré takes it down a notch. It's a softer and natural version. It's evolved into more blended and textured than the ombré. {It reminds me of the girls in grade school with swimmers hair.} 

The Smudge: smudging is another technique that is becoming greatly popular over the last year. Its where the base {so about two to three inches of roots} painted darker on the hair and the rest of the hair is painted a lighter shade. And between the two colors, they are smudged. It’s a beautiful, minimal upkeep trend. 

Each one of these techniques are not only popular for the client but the hairdresser as well. It lets us be creative and more adventurous with the hair. It leaves the hair with such great dimension {and that is something we always strive for with the hair.} They enhance the natural texture and layering of the cut. All of these techniques have very little upkeep and has a graceful approach when growing out. I hope that clarified any questions you had, and above all else... PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT THESE TECHNIQUES AT HOME. :)

Alisha Cheney