Q + A: Healthy Hair

Let's talk healthy hair. I collected the frequently asked questions of how-tp obtain healthy hair. Like how do I make it grow? What makes my hair healthy? Why do I have so many split ends? These are just a few of the questions I get daily. Everyone's hair is so different. No one's hair chemistry is the same, and I mean NO ONE.

First, there is no magic pill to make your hair grow from your shoulders to your bum overnight. But there are ways to help the process go a little quicker. Vitamins help your immune system and the strength of your bones... Why not your hair!? Biotin is a Vitamin {You can purchase at your local drugstore or Whole Foods + Trader Joes.} that targets your hair + nail growth. It's a win, win! If you consistently take the Vitamin daily, IT WILL WORK. Also, the new craze is Hair Infinity, similar to the Biotin pill. I personally have never used it, but they have amazing reviews. So if you do, tell me what you think!
Next, lets talk HEALTHY HAIR. I mean, who doesn't want healthy hair. The best way to achieve "Healthy" hair is to LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE... But seriously. The cuticle needs a balance of Moisture + Protein. You can never get enough Moisture {But you can get too much Protein, so be careful and ask a stylist.}  Styling your hair with any hot tool will damage your hair, whether there is color involved or not. So, a few days a week try different styles without using a flat iron or curling iron. Try a side swept fishtail braid, or a messy chignon. The options are endless! Also, at night put Moroccan Oil {or Coconut Oil} on the ends of your hair and work your way up. Giving that extra daily moisture will keep your ends from splitting. And pair that with a weekly masque mask to keep the protein in your hair strong. {I like to do my masque with a mask on my face, while vacuuming on Sundays... I look weird and creepy but my hair feels great!} 
The most important of all, PLEASE don't forget your haircuts! It all depends on the hair but average every 6-8 weeks to clean those ends up. I can't stress that enough! It's a hard pill to swallow watching your hair fall to the ground every other month, but that is what keeps it healthy. If you follow the advice above, I promise you will see results of fuller, healthier and longer locks!